11.2 km per second is the minimum "escape velocity" required for a body to move out of the gravitational pull of earth and travel an infinite distance.

about us

About Us

We propel escape velocity by bridging the gap between startups, conventional business and others who see potential in the startup eco-system.

Strategic Partner

You have a strategic interest in a business that is closely aligned with startups that you would like to explore for investment.

Expertise Partner

You have unique competencies in specific domains (e.g. Marketing or Finance), or in managing or guiding start-ups from specific sectors.

Investment Partner

You would like to take a financial interest (e.g. equity or debt) in start-ups that appeal to you.

Startup Partner

You have a powerful idea or minimum viable product (MVP) or operating model.

Exiting Partners

You would like to sell your stake (ESOP Shares or investments in prior rounds) in an unlisted startup.


Get in touch if you see a potential association with us in any other capacity.

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